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I deal with people like that all the time.

She is poisoned.

You can give me a hand, now that you're here.

That's very hard to do.

The museum's eastern gallery was closed for cleaning.

According to the news report, the ruling coalition has secured 72 seats as of 5 p.m.

We should not have angered Barrio.

The center of a target is called a "bull's eye."

Maybe you don't, but I do.

They guaranteed regular employment to their workers.

This is too spicy for me.

It's been a long time since I've seen you.

Hasn't Shahid come home yet?

How many floors does that building have?

You two make a great team.


No matter what you desire of life, other people's aims, ambitions and activities constitute vital obstructions along your pathway.

Srinivasan will be back in about three hours.

Some boys at school make fun of me.

Does the hat fit well?

I have already done all my tasks.

At one time, people would not have hesitated to light up a cigarette in stations, restaurants, or hospital waiting rooms.

Lynnette abandoned the project because he didn't have enough money.

We don't have it right now.

Can you open this door?

I want you guys to wait for me.

That, what she said, sounds strange.

Belinda is in the tree house.

Some countries use ordinal numbers to count millennia, whereas others count them using cardinal numbers.

Alexis wrote her number on a piece of paper and handed it to Andries.

Did you see her there?

How did Raanan get you to help him clean the garage?

This is an instructive book.

According to you, who will make it to the final?

What makes you think I'll like it?

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I just wish Laurence wasn't leaving tomorrow.

Can I take that as a compliment?

You are the moon of my life.

Nanda says he'll never do that again.

I can't tell you how pleased that makes me.

You'd think they'd tell me what to do.

Bert told me it was Pam's fault.


Do you like this city?

It is necessary for you to start at once.

We should talk about it.

Go and sit by your father.

That airplane was not able to depart at the regular time.

The Angkar regulated every moment of our lives.

Young as he is, he is a very reliable person.

I enjoy visiting exciting cities like New York, Chicago, and Boston.

I'm not very good at remembering names.


The concert hasn't started yet.

Coming to work at 4 p.m. is not late.

How much does this hobby cost you?


No country should interfere in another country's internal affairs.

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But I enjoyed farm work.


That's something worth discussing.

I finally understand what you were trying to do.

It is about disarming Iraq and destroying its weapons of mass destruction.

I think he's a competent person.

Did you put on sunscreen?


The shower doesn't work.

I'll call you when I get the results of the examination.

As funny as the whole concept of a knuckle sandwich is, I wouldn't ever want to be on the receiving end.

I've been trying to avoid Jay.

He often quarrels with his brother about trifles.

Becky certainly is good at baseball.

Do you fancy it is all right?

We'll have to shovel the snow off the roof.

Have you told Roxana about what happened?

You must make good use of money.

This English novel is not easy enough for you to read in a week.

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I go to bed at ten o'clock at night.


He led a life of vice.

You have given me so many.

Don't fire anyone.


Andries was just doing his job.


You were supposed to be here by 2:30.

How do you like your new house?

That is such a high mountain as old people can't climb.

Young and old went to battle.

The arrow whistled within three inches of his head.


What type of music do you normally listen to?


This doll costs only sixty cents.


What are you guys doing?

Why do you say things like that?

Bernard is checking his messages on his phone.

I really appreciate your help.

He gave up cigarettes.

The mother of that child is an announcer.

They are waiting for you next to the long white house.


I can't see anything because the whole place is dark.

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He's losing his balance.

They jumped into the water one after another.

In the 6th century, the Anglo-Saxons adopted Roman characters.

I'm going back to college.

I came to the same decision as you.

If a man has nothing to eat, fasting is the most intelligent thing he can do.

This book was new.

Do you know if she can speak English?

That's blackmail.


It was a beautiful wedding ceremony.

The only reward of virtue is virtue.

I know how happy you are.

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Your zipper's open.

How many horses does Kieran own?

I didn't want to disturb the patients.

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Carrefour's Ham offcuts are not expensive at all, but are nonetheless delicious.

Can we stay here?

Cease fire!

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He resembles his grandfather.


Let's see you do better.


He ate all of the apple.

Irfan was born in Boston and he grew up there.

Since I've never eaten here before, I don't know what to recommend.

If you need books, make the most of the books in the library.

I lay awake in bed.

Let me get to the point.

A person who was dear to me died.

I need Izzy to understand.

I know better than to do a thing like that.

There is little hope that he will succeed.

In five minutes I want to see you on the balcony.

Our school is across the river.

He is apt to get angry if you ask a lot of questions.

Cyrus had a drunken blackout and can't remember how he got home last night.

There's nothing worse than loneliness.

Even though we lost the game, I have to say that we played the better football.

Dorothy is very angry, isn't he?

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As you can also tell from these beautiful, far from Japanese, looks, Yuna is not pure-blood Japanese. She's a quarter-blood with a westerner as grandmother.

OK, here's the donation ... 10 yen each. Here you go, Mihane.

It is said that this hot water brings a balance between body and mind.

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They've waited for you.

I'll think of something.

It's an omen.


Wes adores Derek.

I don't hate anything.

His thoughts are extremely academic.

Lucius's a threat.

The mystery remains unsolved.


The horse is mine.

Dean's out of a job.

Is it ok if you wait just a little while?

Syun is making a lot of sense.

They eat with a knife and fork.


Don't try anything funny.

See you all tomorrow.

The best was yet to come.

Ramesh is the one who did all this.

Al was a wonderful person.


In an hour there are sixty minutes and in a minute there are sixty seconds.

In the summer, I wear short-sleeve shirts.

Her story can't be true.


I have not seen her lately.

Lum is supposed to be here by now.

There was nothing Derek could've done to prevent the accident.

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Elisabeth doesn't like being asked to give to charity.

I don't want to get my hair cut.

What did you just do?

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Emily isn't afraid of spiders.

When I was your age, I bicycled to and from school every day.

Philippe is still alive and well.

Why are we fighting?

We had to abandon our plan.


My husband was behind me every step of the way.

One set of teeth for eating, and another set for baring.

You can use this book as you see fit.